Secular Vs. Sacred – Who’s team are you in?

One of the biggest questions that Christians, in general, ask themselves is what is my calling. But, there is something much deeper than this question, and that is “Is my vocation God’s calling?”

There has been a great divide which we call the Secular vs. the Sacred which sought to establish a clear division between a vocation and a calling. In other words, those who held a religious office or worked for the church were considered to have a Sacred calling while those who had a regular job where considered part of the secular group. Unfortunately, this notion is still very much alive today. But there is hope.

Below is a link for an article written by the Barna Group explaining what this Sacred vs Secular divide is and how things are changing.

It is an interesting read – Erasing the Sacred / Secular Divide

Let me know which team you are rooting for.


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