What is your virtual reality?

There is a lot of talk about virtual reality. Some articles list the wonderful advantages that virtual reality has begun to offer as well as the possible downside of virtual reality. Many people feel that their jobs will one day be done by robots or androids that have been programmed with virtual reality.

Regardless of all of this, virtual reality is not in the future, it is already happening. One thing I know for sure, that a machine will not be able to take the place of a human being. Machines will not be able to be empathic and truly relate on a human level. Virtual reality will not be able to be as creative as a human mind can be simply because their program will not allow them to be.

Nevertheless, I found this video about Virtual reality that is really interesting – it has a twist. So make sure you watch it completely.

UNCANNY VALLEY from 3DAR on Vimeo.

Let me know what you think!


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