Just Do It, the controversy behind the new Nike ads.

I am sure that by now you’ve seen the images for Nike’s new “Just Do It” campaign. This campaign is significant in that it marks a 30-year span of Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign. Nike decided to celebrate with a new campaign. It consists of a close up of an athlete with white lettering layered across the image. There’s controversy surrounding one of the athletes that Nike chose to use, Colin Keapernick.

As you know Colin has been recognized for kneeling during the national anthem at NFL games to protest against racism and police brutality. Many are not happy with his actions and have rechanneled their discontent towards Nike for using him as one of their models for their “Just Do It” campaign.

Nike Just Do It Colin Kaepernick

The ad is polarizing the say the least and some Twitter users are calling for a boycott of Nike. Nevertheless, it has also been praised by fellow players and athletes including Kobe Bryant who said he would have agreed to do it if asked and by Raiders owner Mark Davis.

What do you think? Should Nike have not used Colin? Is Nike trying to bring awareness to Colin’s protest or is it just trying to capitalize on controversy to stay relevant and increase loyalty and sales?

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